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 Education Made Easy

  1. AR Singh: OSI L1/L2/L3
  2. LK Singh: Web Design, Banking
  3. Sushant Mamgain: C/C++/SHELL/UNIX/TCL/PERL
  4. Rajeev Purohit: Scripting languages - Perl, Shell scripting,GK update, self motivation, Personality development
  5. Feelmanu: PCB Design Solutions,Component Engg & CAM Validation for Board/Circuit Designers
  6. Ankit Garg: Mathematics, History and Chemistry
  7. Manohan Puri:SONET/SDH/OTN
  8. Mukul Sharma: Physics, Geography, Games
  9. Sweta Sharma: Management, HR, Finance
  10. Arvind: Disaster Management, Properties Guru and Woman security
  11. Vaibhav: Sanskrit
  12. Lokender:TAX and Motivational consults
  13. Monika: Economics

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We Bring pride to the nation and feel great in our life via supporting FREE and quality education for the future of country. You can become Mentor in your favorite subjects too.  

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