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 Education Made Easy


We are non profit making organization and donation is the only way of our social service. Our visionary objective is to provide a FREE Schooling base for every child in country.  Currently we help to provide the best searched video on the globe and it is subject to change any time also we never claim to own them. We thanks to Youtube and other FREE video information sites. We thanks to the original creator of the video.

Any one who donate their efforts to Mentor Minutes is subject to its quality to be published on this channel. Viewers guidance is always welcomed.

Anything subject to purchase due to the encouragement of this channel is totally up to the viewers.

Published articles are  not influenced by political parties in social issues links. It is just to give political awareness on social issues. We welcome all issue from any political party that gives proper data. Comment can be given by anyone to continue and enhance knowledge.

This channel is dedicated to education, therefore demand for educational entertain is right of the jury of the MentorMinutes.Com

For any complain, suggestion and request, please send us a mail.