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Chapters (1-15) Math Solutions   Class IX

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1. Number Systems [Solved QnA]

2. Polynomials [Solved QnA]

3. Coordinate Geometry [Solved QnA]

4. Linear Equations in Two Variables [Solved QnA]

5. Introduction to Euclid's Geometry [Solved QnA]

6. Lines and Angles [Solved QnA]

7. Triangles [Solved QnA]

8. Quadrilaterals [Solved QnA]

9. Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles [Solved QnA]

10. Circles [Solved QnA]

11. Constructions [Solved QnA]

12. Heron's Formula [Solved QnA]

13. Surface Areas and Volumes [Solved QnA]

14. Statistics [Solved QnA]

15. Probability [Solved QnA]

Welcome to the students IX !

In here you will find video tutorials of Maths and solution of the questionnaires chapter wise. Later you will find Physics and Chemistry too. Currently we are focusing on Maths of all std. Currently CBSE/NCERT pattern is in progress. Later UP board will be included.

Also if you didn’t understand anything you can always talk to our MM Guru. Subject wise MM Guru List is available on the top of website. If you are interested to teach you can always become part of our team. In future we have economic earning plans for super 100 MM Gurus.

Also if you can write notes on any chapter, you can always send us to publish it in your name.

We wish you the highest score in exams and bright future endeavor.

Mathematics Formulae & some basic concepts