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 Education Made Easy

Welcome to Mentor Minutes

This channel is dedicated to the FREE and QUALITY education and provide the correct and best searched education material. It is subject to change any time depending on its better quality look up.



‘Not a single child remain uneducated due to any reason”. “Be human and be generous to everyone”.

Mentor Minutes Guru

Many people would like to serve and give back to the society. We welcome them and utilize their knowledge for building country and they can become Mentor Minutes Guru.

How to become Mentor Minutes Guru ? (Any one of the below criteria)

1. You can deliver one (or more) complete demo lecture on any topics of any subject.  /or

2. You can register yourself to teach a student one to one free of cost in your area that we provide. /or

3. You can sponsor one year fee of a student 12000/-INR directly to his/her school. /or

4. You can register your self to support online education in any area.



We promise to give you the best at no price.  Join us, because study is  now so simple with us.

For any complain, suggestion and request, please send us a mail. Viewers guidance is always  welcome.

We thank our hard working intellectual team and the donors,creators of the education materials.

Request to support this movement

Please register yourself to become ‘Mentor Minutes Book Center’ for collection/donation books.

Time: Every Saturday or Sunday between 10:00 am to 12:00 pm (2 hr)

To support financially, Please send your donation amount in the name of “Mentor Minutes Social Welfare Education Society

To address “B-165, Kedar Nagar Shahganj Agra 282010

(Received donation money is used on education of underprivileged children for their books and school fee/dress etc through out the country and the beneficiary kids will send you hand made  ‘Thank You’ greeting card for your hard earned money.)

If you are donating on your loved ones Birthday, Please specify, we send you collective blessings of good fortune for him/her.

Its good to support a ‘handicap’ but excellent to support ‘not to become handicap’. Education is the only KEY for it.

Admin Team

Contact: 9958306430

(Note: This website is associated with a  non profit making registered educational organization in the name of ‘Mentor Minutes Social Welfare Education Society.)


  Our vision your choice